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Július He was a key member of the squad that won the silver medal at the Development Cup in Andorra. This morning Niall sent this email to his teammates: "We live in exceptional times. If you bare with me, Intersection syndrome massage will explain in detail as to why.

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Let me start by stating this is in no way an attack on the Irish Ice Hockey Association, our managers or coaches for the countless hours they put into this squad and organising trips abroad, along with the tireless work of attempting to open an ice rink in the Republic of Ireland. I have attached the PDF, should you be inclined to browse it.

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The group of people acting as the Irish Government has been allowed, by our citizens, Gardaí and the Irish defence forces to erode ízületi gyulladás csuklóízület kezelése rights given to us under the Irish constitution, the UN declaration of human rights and have broken the Nuremberg code.

Our inalienable rights have also been eroded over the past 16 months, which are given to us by God, not government. I will not risk my athletic abilities and normal functioning body.

I do not need to be a doctor to recognise this. The evidence is overwhelming if you care to look. This allows for total government control over the citizens of Ireland and akins us to cattle.

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We now live in a two tier society. As of July 15thmy fiancée, my children, myself and many others became 2nd class citizens in Ireland. We can no longer do the same thing that 1st class citizens can do.


There are many studies showing that asymptomatic transmission is virtually non-existent. He may decide on Monday it is a criminal offence to play indoor sport whereas on Tuesday it may be okay. This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

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These laws are unjust and thus giving me the right not to follow them. Unfortunately the police forces in Ireland have allowed and supported the government by refusing to protect the people of Ireland from draconian lawmakers.

I can no long trust those sworn by oath to protect us.

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Many of you have seen the recent images of France as people protest en mass in regards to President Macrons recent address which will make entering supermarkets, schools and working illegal unless vaccinated. This is an EU country.

If they can do it in France they will do it here.

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They previously did it in Nazi Germany. Now at this point you must ask yourself, if this is such an effective treatment, why are they rewarding those who take it with their rights back and punishing those who refuse, many of whom, including myself are at little risk from this supposed disease and its supposed variants reminder, vaccines protect me.

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  3. Сьюзан была согласна с этим, но в то же время прекрасно понимала: Фонд электронных границ никогда не узнает, насколько важен и нужен «ТРАНСТЕКСТ».
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Not you? At this time, I feel obliged to take a stand on the matter even if you believe its not a big deal.

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I must, intersection syndrome massage position myself Inline with what is right and just, and I hope you can understand where I am coming from. I hope that these intersection syndrome massage will be reversed and that the criminals in government and the Gardaí who enforce such laws and all covid restrictions will be held accountable at some point in the future, as were those in the Nuremberg trials.

Until then, I once again state I will not represent a country who criminalises people who choose to live differently than the majority.

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Hopefully in the near future I can tryout and rejoin this team that I have dedicated ALL of my adult life to, made life longs friends, which has also given me so much joy and happiness throughout the years.

I wanted to do this now instead of just before the upcoming development cup in OctoberGermany, so that the coaches can fill the spot and train you guys, in your lines, in advance.

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